Game Music: Parasite Eve OST


Parasite Eve (Playstation, 1998) stands out for me as one of the best survival horror games to ever grace the PSone...a statement made bona fide alongside an excellent soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura. Shimomura, who has also scored amazing soundtracks for games like Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Mana, really hit a nerve with his chilling, repetitive effects and beeps...sounding like a mass of mitochondria marching toward your doom.

A good example of that is the track, "Wheel of Fortune" which plays during the Museum level. The song builds and builds to a point where you can cut the tension with a knife:

And then we have a little piece entitled, " Escape From U.B."...a song I consider the greatest final boss music ever. It might be slow in picking up, but hang around until the 2:38 mark and it really gets powerfully dramatic. Awesome stuff.

There's also the "Main Theme" itself...a beautiful piece of music that can rival that of any epic movie. Although somber and moody, it really takes you on a ride:

While some lemons do exist on this OST (I wasn't particularly fond of the digital operatic singing), with two CD's full of music there is plenty to check out and add to your MP3 playlists. Head on over to Blue Laguna and download the full album.


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